Massage Haven Miami SPA - FOOT & FULL BODY MASSAGE

We are the best value massage in town! We appreciate your time and money.

We are specialized in giving Chair Massages and Table Massages tailored to your specific needs.

Alleviating stress, tension, and creating a renewed state of mind.

Beauty Massage

Ultra Cavitation and Radio Frequency

Looking slim and younger has not been any easier. UltraCavitation drains out the fat through your lymphatic system and Radio Frequency is a treatment designed to tighten loses and sagging skin.

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5 sessions $150

In-Home Massage

In-HOME Massage

We do House Calls! Acknowledging your uniqueness, we offer a wide range of specialists with different expertise to ensure you find exactly what you like.

Enjoy our massages in your own comfortable place.

• In-Home Massage

• Corporate Massage (Office Massage)

• Hotel Massage

• Party or Events Massage


Happy Foot Massage

Reflexology, Bath & Trigger Point Massage

Foot Massage and Foot Bath. This special massage is focused in the solar plexus reflex, where all your stress is stored. Additionally includes a Foot Herbal Tea Massage to alleviate anxiety and bring a deep state of relaxation.

Relax the day away!

30 minutes – $30

Happy Body Massage

Happy Body Massage

Our Full Body Massage will invigorate & revitalize giving you a renewed state of mind and overall well-being.

Just relax and enjoy!

• Swedish Massage 60 minutes x $49.00

• Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes x $55.00

• Sport Massage 60 minutes x $55.00

• Prenatal Massage 60 minutes x $55.00




Massage Have is a great solution for those looking for a relief “pit-stop” atmosphere. If you need a ten minute tune up, Massage Haven is the place for you..
Daniel Torres – Miami, FL
Love this place! they offer packages of all sorts so services come out really inexpensive. they have other locations too, I think.
Giganni L. – Miami, FL
My Massage at Massage Haven is an excellent lunch time treat. It is just what I need to get through the rest of the day.
Jose Amor – Miami FL